Jaap Borgers

recent work

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The work of Jaap Borgers has a background of realistic images and technics and his interest in man-formed materials like metals and ceramics, and the craftmanship to work with them.

Being connected with other art-forms the substance of art became for him more important than the pure form itself, giving his recent work a more conceptual or philosofical approach.

“Man considers himself to be the centre of things and strives to gain eternal live. First he did so through religion and now through science. He builds monuments to establish something lasting and perpetuate his place in eternity.

But man is vulnerable and his attempts at perpetuity are futile. He gets confronted again and again with deterioration and decay, as wel his own as of the things he produces.

In his quest for inmortality he forgets, or refuses, to look at this decay as growth or development and therefore misses the essence of existance.”